What Is Timber Trestle Table? When Can You Use It?

timber trestle table

A timber trestle table is that item of furniture that has 2-3 trestle supports connected through longitudinal cross-member where the tabletop board is placed at the top. Trestle table was collapsible style of table that was addressed as a Western form of table till the 16th century. It was a suitable table for various occasions owing to ease of assembly. Most of American households made use of Timber trestle table but such tables also had spindle-backed chairs. They are constituted of oak and feature stretcher beam while using keyed tenon making way through the center. They are the kind of tables used during weddings and special occasions.

4 Reasons for Using Timber Trestle Tables:

The trestle is symbolic of hospitality which was used both as support tables and stool. The hardwearing tables are so durable that they can bear weight up to 150kgs. So, if you buy this sort of table, it will last for many years. Look for warranty coverage over the table. There are different kinds of timber trestle tables available in the market and you can also customize them according to your needs. They may be large or small. With the large table, one can enjoy plenty of space. The table would be ideal for meetings and exhibitions. It may act as stand during an exhibition. If you buy large timber trestle table, you may accommodate events and meetings. During an event, you may fold the table and keep it aside. There are various occasions where you may use a trestle table.

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#1. Folding Trestle Table Is A Handy Item

Whether there is a meeting or conference or a wedding, timber trestle table proves handy. You may use it to seat your guests during any event. The table is best meant for dining. It may be used to increase on the dining space. You can use 4 feet or 6 feet tables for your events and you can accommodate 4 to 6 people on these tables.

#2. Trestle Table During A Birthday Party

If you are hosting an entertaining event such as a birthday party, you may use this table. Whether it is summer BBQ or birthday party, the table can be used. Use the foldable table for food and to entertain the guests. Keep all the food stuffs and drinks on the table to let the guests easily reach out to them. You can easily conduct a small birthday party at your outdoor and install a few timber trestle tables for your guests. After your party, you can fold them and store these tables in your garage.

#3. Trestle Table for Camping and Exhibition 

If you are going out for camping tour, you may take the table for a week. The table may either be used inside the tent or outside. Use the table as kitchen table or family dining table. You may use table during food preparation also.

#4. Folding Tables and Chairs Are Easy to Purchase

When you look online for the trestle table, you may find a large collection of tables. You will find plenty of tables priced reasonably and that which carries amazing designs. A large table will serve multiple purposes like meetings and events. Fold the table and keep it aside. It will save a lot of space.

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With a professional company, you will also find other kinds of tables like round table, folding chairs and other sorts of tables. A good company for timber trestle table will offer a range of adorable tables at affordable price rates. Now you can search these tables online and choose the best quality tables for your events. Even if you have small space in your rooms then you can use these tables as corner or study table.

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