Five things you didn’t know about buying a mattress online


Do you ever feel like the pressure by the salespeople at the store is getting to you? When shopping for a mattress, the hassle of the salespeople, not to mention the high retail markup, can quickly get to you. In that case, the option of online shopping is still there.

Online mattress brands have a lot more to offer, figuring they have to outshine the physical and local competitors. Here are five things you didn’t know about buying a mattress online:

#1 Online retailers have the best customer service

While it is true that some online brands do not offer adequate support, online retailers ultimately have better customer service than buying at your local store. When an online mattress brand is seeking to build its reputation in the sector, they engage in a lot of customer support, follow-up, and service.

To secure the brand with the best support, check out the reviews and feedback from previous clients. Remember, to identify an online retailer with excellent customer service, consider things like quick responses to inquiries, people’s comments, stats on the return policy, replacements and refunds.

#2 Scoring big discounts from an online purchase

A lot of online mattress deals offer discounts every so often, for different reasons. For example, discounts can be when launching a new brand online, when clearing an old stock, when rebranding, to attract new buyers, among others.

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If you take advantage of these discounts, you can acquire a very high-quality mattress at a 20% discount off the price at your local store, or more. Search for coupon codes online that you can apply for that can serve you right when buying a mattress online.

#3 Online retailers do not offer old bed removal services

Although online stores have showrooms where you can test their products, their services as regards to getting rid of your old mattress are not available. The best deal you can get from your online retailer is free shipping services or delivery at home.

If you are looking into online shopping, make sure that you have a plan of how to get rid of your old mattress, whether donating it to a charity, recycling it or repurposing it in a different room.

#4 Prior research goes a long way

Online shopping for mattresses should be taken as seriously as the shopping in your local store. Ideally, the online store you choose to buy from has a variety of choices, and without the necessary information to narrow down your searches, you may have a hard time spotting your ideal choice.

You need to gather information by checking out different companies’ websites and the types of mattresses they have, checking social media platforms, independent bloggers and reviewer sites. With prior research, you can verify your options by reading more about the features and the upsides of different mattress choices, including in fabric, covers, type of material, firmness, among others. 

#5 The pricing differs

In most cases, online shopping is cheaper than physically buying a mattress at your local store. The logical explanation is that your local store retails at double or triple the actual price to account for the needs of the brand owners, as well as the expenses involved in bringing the product to the store.


It is, therefore, no surprise that you will buy a mattress online at 20% off the price at the store. However, the pricing also varies according to the availability of the brand in your location. If you are keen on details, you may realize that the shipping costs among other miscellaneous expenses can quickly add up to the price of the mattress at your local store.

Buying a mattress is not entirely an easy process because other than comfort, you want a mattress that can serve you a long while. With these five things, your online shopping experience should be a lot effortless.

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