Preventing Porch Pirates

Preventing Porch Pirates

Retail therapy can give your mood a lift, similar to the excitement of unwrapping birthday presents when you come home to a pile of online shopping deliveries. However, this joy comes with a hidden risk: porch pirates.

As online shopping becomes more widespread, new challenges arise that jeopardize the safe delivery of your purchases. Porch pirates, opportunistic thieves, scour neighborhoods to snatch unattended packages left on porches and doorsteps. Research indicates that around 24% of adults have fallen victim to porch piracy, prompting 64% of them to adopt extra precautions when ordering online.

Your front porch or doorstep becomes a target when you’re not home. Without secure delivery options, the risk of theft grows. While changing your shipping address or investing in security measures might be inconvenient, the safety benefits extend beyond just preventing theft. A video security system not only confirms package arrivals visually but also provides peace of mind and can serve as evidence if a police report is necessary.

Porch pirates often choose neighborhoods with high shipment activity to minimize the chance of getting caught. Sadly, many package thefts go unreported since stolen items can be replaced. If you fall victim to porch piracy, it’s advisable to contact the seller, file a report, and enhance your safety measures for future deliveries.

As online shopping continues to grow, thieves take advantage of the opportunity to steal items. For more tips on preventing porch pirates, check out the accompanying infographic.

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