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Proper articulation is an art that not all of us are blessed with. On top of it, if you can produce a well-articulated write-up, it is something to be truly appreciated. If you are one among those blessed people who can express well through writing, then this is the platform for you. We at Home Design Ideas Pro, encourage writers to come up with better ideas and writing styles. We accept blogs from them, which we then publish on our website and even on social media pages. The topics that we focus on are Bathroom, Flooring Installation, Furniture, Home Decor, Home Improvement, House and Garden, Interior Designing, Kitchen, and Windows & Glasses.

We would definitely like to make it crystal clear that we do not pay any financial assistance to our guest bloggers for their write-ups. On the other hand, we promote their blogs giving them 100% credit wherever it is required.

If you are interested to be a part of Home Design Ideas Pro’ guest blogging, take a look at the guidelines to be followed while writing.


  • Keep the language easy to understand yet catchy, which can be comprehended even by laymen and attract them at the same time.
  • There must not be any plagiarism.
  • Make sure the heading of the blog is enough to get a gist of it. However, the heading should not exceed seven words.
  • Add sub-headings, as readers tend to spend more time and read a blog thoroughly if it has sub-headings or bullet points.
  • The length of the blog should be 600+
  • The blog should not sound self-promoting at all. It should strictly stick to the subject.
  • You can use images that are relevant to the subject. Make sure the images are not copyrighted.
  • Write an author-bio wherein you will have to mention your prior relevant experiences. You can add link of your social media pages where you have shared such similar blogs.

What we do after Receiving your Blog?

  • We go through it and check if all the guidelines have been taken care of in it or not.
  • We check if there is any copied content or unnecessary sentences and word in it.
  • After editing, we publish it in our portal

You must know that once you send us the blog, you can’t use it anywhere else.

Contact at – write4rus@gmail.com