Top Architecture Trends in Queens, NY

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New York is known for its forward-thinking architecture. Being a place where trends begin, creativity has no limit, and innovation thrives, New York is a place of focus in the design space. We hope you find these top architecture trends in Queens, New York as inspiring as the melting pot of its residents.

Whether you’re learning about these trends because you are wanting to upgrade your space to sell in the coming real estate market in Queens (get a free home appraisal if this is you!), or you’re wanting to stay modern in trends for your own enjoyment, we hope these tips deliver unmatched inspiration.

Direct Elevator Entry

Our first architectural trend in Queens, New York is direct elevator entry. This elevator experience offers luxury, and privacy. With the onset of the pandemic, this private experience started popping up more and more, and it is continuing to be a new standard in architecture within the city.

Office Alcoves

Apartments across the country are being used in more multipurpose ways than ever before. This includes home offices being an essential part of your home space. Built-in office alcoves are an architectural trend we are seeing in Queens and beyond for this very reason. The built-in design designates the space clearly, while still making it part of your home in a seamless way.

Curved Glass

Traditionally New York architecture has included floor-to-ceiling windows to flood small apartments with natural light. In modern times, utilizing curved glass in these larger-than-life windows adds another layer of architectural design that is truly jaw dropping and awe-worthy.

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Biophilic Design

Just like in interior design trends, our next architectural element we want to shine light on is biophilic design. Developers are mindful of integrating a connection to nature. Think expansive windows that are surrounded by flowering planters, views of green space, and large rooftop terraces for outdoor living space to facilitate health and productivity.

Cross-Laminated Timber

With concerns about the environment, and wanting to feel connected to nature, we are seeing cross-laminated timber become an architectural trend in 2022. With wood being a renewable resource, there is more of a push to offer exposed wooden beams and timber in New York living spaces. This lowered carbon footprint is something buyers and architects within the city are caring more and more about.

Green Facades & Rooftops

Building on the trend of caring about the environment, health, and integrating nature, we are seeing more vegetation on the building facades and rooftops throughout the city. Sustainable developments are an architecture trend we can get behind. Think sprawling greens down the sides of the structure and exploding green space on the rooftops for added elements of nature in each inch of the design.

We hope you feel inspired by the beauty that Queens, New York has to offer and that you notice these architectural design trends throughout the city. In a truly unique place where abundance and diversity thrive, these architectural elements create the perfect landscape for all the residents of New York to live, work, and play.

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