5 Tips For Staging A Home

When you’re selling a home, staging can make or break your success with buyers. Any space, when staged the proper way, can be transformed into an appealing oasis. By implementing a few key aspects when you prepare your house to be shown, you can ensure potential buyers will have plenty to be tempted by. Here are 5 tips to set you on a path towards a successful sale.

1. Scent is Your Secret Weapon — Our first and most important tip for staging a home is that scent is everything. The secret is to be intentional with the scent you choose so that buyers will feel emotionally prompted to make an offer. We especially love an incognito source of fragrance like a reed diffuser because it simply looks like an elegant piece of decor while freshening up the air of the space. Set your reed diffuser on a stack of books or in front of a mirror on an entryway table for a beautiful aesthetic with a boost of fragrance.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that studies show scent is processed in the regions of the brain that deal with memories and emotion. So be sure to select a fragrance that can evoke nostalgic, warm feelings of what you’d like your home to represent. Maybe that’s a scent inspired by the city you live in or a popular destination that has inspired the decor theme of your space. It can even be a fragrance that incorporates the smell of cookies or baking. Get inside the minds of your potential buyers and intentionally select a scent for your open house.

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2. Add Personal Touches — Take note that there is a balance to find between adding just enough personal touches but not too much personality when staging a home. Getting creative in the way you display your vibe while still choosing an inclusive aesthetic is the key. City inspired candles made from unique, intentionally selected scents that represent either your favorite location or the region where the house is, is an excellent way to add your personal touch. Just a couple of pieces of unique artwork, a few of your favorite books or plants, are all things that can spark inspiration for a buyer without being overwhelming. You want the people walking through to feel at home while also being able to easily imagine adding in their own personal items as well. Find a few significant items that you feel represent the atmosphere of your space and let the buyers do the rest.

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3. Keep it Neutral — In order to cast a wide net and appeal to the largest number of buyers, the tones of each room should be neutral so as not to be overwhelming. When preparing your home to be staged, stick to beiges, creams, taupes and similar shades in the neutral family. We love keeping a neutral theme throughout decor pieces like cream colored candles or books without their cover. A minimalistic, calming aesthetic will be one that welcomes the most amount of buyers to feel comfortable as they walk through. It also leaves a canvas for them to be able to imagine adding in their own elements of decor.

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4. No Clutter Zone — Perhaps this goes without saying, but we’ll mention it just to be sure. Make sure clutter is tucked far away and out of sight from any buyers walking through your staged home. In addition to it being too much of a personal look in a space, it also distracts buyers from the home itself.

Keeping a staged home a No Clutter Zone will also help to make the space seem as large as possible. Only fill each room with what’s necessary for a soothing atmosphere your buyers will enjoy. Additionally, anyone walking through will be thankful to not worry about tripping on any rogue toys or personal items. When it comes to staging any home, clutter free is the way to be.

5. Let the Light In — Lastly, something you definitely don’t want to forget is to let the natural light into your space. Fill the home with as much natural light as possible by opening up all blinds and curtains. The brighter the space, the better looking and more inviting the home will appear to your buyers. If any rooms have recessed warm lighting, turning those lights on in addition to the natural bright light from the window can make the space sparkle even more. Besides the likelihood that none of your buyers wants to live in a dark cave, a home with ample amounts of natural light simply feels more inviting and warm. Turn up the brightness to create a welcoming, happy atmosphere for your open house. The more light each room has, the more you’ll be able to showcase every inch of it too.

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In summary, the choices you make when staging your home can truly sway potential buyers. Use their senses to your benefit and be intentional with each decision you make—select a warm, nostalgic scent, bring in lots of bright natural light and choose decor in soft, calming neutral tones and textures. Create a simple and elegant canvas for your buyers to feel at home in. By following these tips, they’ll be able to picture themselves living there and be making an offer in no time.

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