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The vintage style is fashionable, and in recent years it has become the dominantly used style in many areas such as architecture, interior design, an inspiration for all types of events such as weddings and parties, it also contributed a lot in the fashion world and now a part of the decoration of many lovely homes. Many times it is confused with the retro concept although they are two different terms.

Vintage fashion is the one that uses objects and accessories from previous decades, such as the 50s or 70s. It is characterized by freedom and permissiveness when it comes to structuring sets and decorating and it says that “there are no fixed rules, use what you like most and combine as you want”.

On the contrary, the meaning or definition for the retro style would be that which evokes the past through objects and does not necessarily belong to another era. It could be possible to use this as a home design for today but it needs to include a lot of characteristics to relate to the past times.

Today we will show you how to decorate the living room in the purest vintage style, one of the favorite styles for the decoration of all types of rooms. Although freedom and the free composition of decorative ensembles are the most important, we must know how to combine the details, the colors, play with the shadows … or we run the risk of being buried under a pile of old objects without greater order. Enjoy all the ideas we propose and get inspired to create a vintage decoration of the most stylish.

Define your vintage style

As you already know you can opt for different vintage times to decorate your living room. There are also several vintage styles, such as vintage shabby chic, vintage nordic, vintage pin-up.

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If you want your living room to be romantic, bright and gain space, your style is shabby chic vintage. This means that they will predominate in the decoration, pastel colors such as pale pink, striking floral sets and delicate porcelain objects, creating fabulous romantic salons.

The Nordic vintage style will give a more formal and serious touch to your living room. On a general background made up of wood and white colors, he places small colored objects, such as a red antique vase or green painted chairs from the 70s.

And if you love that your living room looks more informal and cheerful choose the vintage pin-up style. Striking colors and reproductions of this era on the walls are the key.

Choose the colors to paint the room

The vintage style admits all kinds of colors for recreation of environments. This can become a great advantage since you have many options to choose from, from bright colors to more discreet ones. However, we recommend that you prioritize the white color as the base for your decoration, so that your room will not look too dark, besides it is a versatile color that comes in handy with pastel shades that you can incorporate in some accessories.

You can also make mixtures between colors, for example, combine black with red or green with navy blue. Visual aesthetics is always more balanced with the use of several colors and will make a bedroom more personalized.

However, if no color convinces you and you do not dare to paint the walls of the living room, you have an economic option and great possibilities such as wallpaper. It is often used and is very versatile and elegant, both with prints and smooth. You can opt for a soft floral print, or wallpaper with geometric patterns in pastel colors, the effect of this would be sensational.

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Choice of vintage furniture for the living room

To define a natural and authentic vintage style it is important to buy or select the right furniture. Thus, your living room will look harmonious with the right touch of furnishings.

Observe the proportions and shape of your living room to buy furniture of adequate size. There is nothing good about having a huge sofa occupying the center of a small living room with a minimalist table. Your furniture must stand out even if it is not exaggerated. To do this, acquire those that have differentiated tones of the walls and the floor.

It is advisable to use wooden furniture that is both elegant and worn. In the second-hand furniture stores you can find real gems.

If your budget is reduced, look through the old stuff that you have stored in the bedrooms and I’m sure you’ll find something that will help you decorate your living room in vintage style. You can also choose to redecorate old furniture by adding a touch of color with chalk paint; a type of chalk paint that achieves a pickling effect on any surface and that gives any furniture a very stylish look whether tables, dressers, shelves or chairs.

Vintage accessories for the salon

Vintage accessories can completely transform any room in the home – portraits, tableware, carpets, and accessories for fireplaces. Everything has a worth when it comes to building a vintage style.

Combine the accessories with the furniture: you can place some small details like a book on the sofa or a clock on a shelf. You can also incorporate old books with leather covers or rusted metal pieces. Everything has to have its place and not seem out of place. Place old suitcases as storage in a corner or use an old jug of milk as a vase with fresh flowers to decorate your dining table.

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You have to be careful with wooden accessories. An excessive use of them can turn the vintage style into a “wooden cabin” style or a rustic style that is not what we are looking for.

Play with lights and shadows

The lights and shadows in the vintage style can do real wonders. So think carefully where you are going to put the lamp in the room, especially the main lamp.

The soft halogen lights embedded in the ceiling forming a row are a good option. They spend little; they give a lot of light and illuminate all the space. The crystal chandeliers will go great on the center of the living room table and are some of the perfect accessories for a vintage style decoration.

To create shadows, play with bulbs of different electric intensity. It alternates between a vintage exterior and a modern and technologically powerful interior.

As you can see there are many details and elements to consider decorating the room with a vintage style, you just have to choose those that best go with the style of your home and add them to the living room.

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