How to Kill Ants Indoors

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Ants are tiny pesky creatures that can crawl anywhere to get access to anything sweet and yummy in your home. If you are tired of seeing these annoying little critters in your cookie jar or trailing across the kitchen or any other part of the room, it is time you got them out of your home for good. Killing ants indoors may seem tricky, but it will be easy as soon as you read the following ways to kill ants indoors.


Whether cayenne, chili, or black pepper, ants are terrified of these hot spices, and you can use it to get rid of them indoors. Sprinkle any of the listed peppers in spots where the ants are crawling such as the baseboards, kitchen cabinets, or along the back of the countertops. When they get cayenne pepper instead of sugar, they take to their heels.

However, getting rid of worker ants/foragers without eliminating the colony will make you keep repeating the whole process. To permanently get rid of indoor ants you need to locate their colony. Follow their trail until you get to their colony, and pour pepper down the ant nest.

Boric acid

Boric acid is a powerful tool used in getting rid of ants and other household pesky insects. Sprinkling boric acids along cracks, crevices, and other areas inside your home where you saw ants would make them desert your lovely home. If you noticed the ants are taking refuge in hard to reach corners or deep hole(s) in the house, you could use blasters for the sprinkling the boric acid

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It is important to note that boric acid is not safe to use around kids or pets. Ensure you keep boric acid out of reach of kids and your furry friend.


One of the many uses of vinegar is to ward off ants from your home. Ants hate the smell of vinegar, whether white or apple cider vinegar. Mix the same amount of water and vinegar into a spray bottle, and spray on infested areas. It is best used as ants repellent and leaves your home smelling fresh and yummy.

Tip: if you notice anthills around your property, spray the vinegar mix inside the hills, and watch how ants flee from your vicinity.


Salt serves more like a preventive measure than exterminator; it deters ants from entering your home. If you leave in an ant-prone environment, one of the ways to discourage them from gaining access to your home is by pouring salts on their trail/path.

Orange Peel

Do not throw those orange peels away, use them to get rid of the tiny critters ravaging your home. If you know where the nest is, blend the peels with a cup of warm water to make a smooth puree. Pour the puree into the nest and watch them leave your home for good.

Lemon Peel

Lemon peel is another highly effective way of getting rid of ants indoors; they are powerful and can be used in place of harmful insecticides or pesticides.

Squeeze the lemon juice on the door thresholds and windowsills or cracks and crevices where ants are coming in. You can also scatter the peels around the entrance of the house to prevent them from infesting your building.

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Pest exterminators

If nothing else is working or you keep seeing little ants all over the house after implementing several ant extermination techniques, it is better to call the professionals. A professional exterminator knows precisely what to do, when and how to do to get rid of pests from your home successfully.

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