How to Do an Eco-Friendly Move with Professional Moving Services

Whether you use professional moving services or move without help, it can be hard to do it in an environmentally friendly manner. From boxes to tape to the petrol you use, moving is not a particularly eco-friendly process. Think of all the reams of bubble wrap you use when packing boxes and covering the edges of furniture. If you like to take care of the environment and lower your carbon footprint, moving can become an even more stressful time for you.

Australian census data shows that around 1/3rd of those in their 20s move each year, and 2/3 move about every 5 years. Overall, 43.5% of Australians changed their address within the previous 5 years. So, while one move may not make a huge impact on the planet, when you add up the number of times you move over your lifetime, it’s a lot! That’s why we’ve come up with some tips to help you make your next move more environmentally friendly.

Tips for An Eco-Friendly Move

  • Re-Use Boxes

While moving boxes are recyclable, these still have a great impact on the environment. Trees must be cut down to produce them. So, they are okay to use but it’s better if you can find already used boxes. One easy way to do this is to find professional moving services that include packing boxes. These provide a way for you to use boxes that others have already used. Plus, you can then return these to the home or office relocation movers, and they will pass them on to the next customer.

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This way, one set of moving boxes can service many families before they will be recycled. Using packing boxes that are all the same size and shape also offer the bonus of making moving quicker. They are easy to stack and fit in a van or trailer.

  • Wrap Up Items with Reusable Materials

While you can certainly recycle cardboard boxes, other packing materials are usually non-recyclable. Bubble wrap is an issue, especially because so many people use metres and metres of it for each move. When you pack up your belongings, you can make a great difference to how eco-friendly your move is by choosing better packing materials.

For example, you can use your towels to wrap up delicate items and prevent them from breaking. Thick, fluffy towels provide a great amount of cushioning to keep your items safe. Similarly, you can also use clothes and blankets depending on the size of the item. If you run out of these, you can always turn to the newspapers you would have otherwise recycled. Wrap up your items and then recycle the newspaper once you have unpacked at the other end.

  • Donate or Sell Unwanted Possessions

As part of any house move, it’s a great idea to declutter before you start packing. This means that you will have less to pack and you’re not moving things that you don’t use anymore. When you get rid of the items you no longer need, you should consider selling or donating them. Donating old clothing, crockery, and homewares to charities helps both the charity and the community. People get the chance to upcycle your old stuff and the charity can make money off of selling it.

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Plus, it’s fantastic for the environment. When others reuse your purchases, you are cutting down on items sent to landfill. Also, fewer items need to be made when people reuse and recycle, causing less pollution and less wasted resources. If you are a true eco-warrior, you can consider furnishing your new home with second-hand goods as well!

  • Pack a Box With a Few Plates and Cutlery

What many people don’t consider when they are packing, is moving day. Put aside one box for things that you will need on moving day, and likely the days before and after when everything is all packed up. Ensure that you put plates, glasses, and cutlery in this box. That way you won’t need to use disposable plates and cutlery like many people do when they move. Save some plastic utensils from heading straight to landfill!

  • Reduce Trips to And from Your New Place

Moving your possessions on your own can be a tempting moving option. However, it’s likely that if you’re just using your car and a trailer, you will have to make many journeys from your old place to your new one. Rather than using litres of petrol and all the fumes that go with it, not to mention the time it takes, you should consider hiring professional moving services.

By using luxury movers, you will get not only someone to help you move and lift the heavy items but a moving van as well. This gives you the ability to hopefully fit all of your stuff in the van and make only one journey, cutting down greatly on the carbon footprint of your move.

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These tips can apply to your upcoming move, whether you’re looking for office movers or you’re planning on using luxury movers to move to a new house. EasyMove are Melbourne’s finest removalists who are ready and willing to help you achieve an eco-friendly move. Along with our help, you can reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of waste you create when moving. We can provide reusable packing boxes for your move and pack the van efficiently to hopefully only make one journey. Plus, we bring along plenty of moving blankets to protect your furniture from scratches and scrapes. We use these over and over again so that there is no wastage! So, when you’re planning an eco-friendly move, ask us how we can help. We’ll talk you through all the ways we can help to lower the impact on the environment of your next move. Give us a call or simply go ahead and book in our services now, as moving dates fill up fast!

Infographic provided by True Friends Moving Company

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