Why it’s time to revamp your construction proposals

Whether you have a large construction company, you are a contractor, remodeler, or residential builder, to run a successful business you must begin by winning project bids. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you don’t have jobs. This means your construction proposals must showcase your business, draw clients in and win bids. If they’re not, then your construction proposals are due for a revamp.

Gone are the days of writing a few numbers on a piece of paper, adding your company name and contact details, then passing it on to a client as a construction proposal or quote. Today clients want to be impressed, they want to be convinced by what they see and read, and they want it to look professional. If you don’t already offer your clients, or proposed clients, this then software could be the answer.

Marketing proposal

Companies like Buildxact offer estimating and construction management software that will turn your boring, white paper quotes into marketing and sales tools that will secure you new clients and win more project bids. Software provides automated templates that can be customized. You can add your work portfolio and photos showcasing your previous projects, this allows clients to get a better idea of what your company can successfully complete. Testimonials from previous clients lets potential clients know that your customers are satisfied and happy with their completed projects, building confidence in prospective clients. If you have won any awards or accolades from your peers, then mention them. Don’t be shy, any edge you can get over your competitor should be showcased.

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Bid proposal

If your construction proposal is aimed at a particular project, then your proposal may also need to include the customer’s project specs, the scope of work, the project cost and terms of payment, a work schedule, any relevant authorities or other contractors that will be involved in the project, any exclusions that you will not be performing, and any alternates that you may be offering. The client should be able to pick up your proposal and understand exactly what you are offering, your capabilities are, and your business details.


With the aide of construction quoting software, you can produce a construction proposal that is clean, sleek, and engaging. The automated templates are a step-by-step that takes you through the proposal production process, providing a visual pathway that leads the reader clearly, and logically to the conclusion that you are the answer to their needs. In a competitive world you need to find an edge over your business rivals. That’s why revamping your construction proposals is a must. Construction software is easy and affordable, much cheaper than outsourcing your proposal production. You can try the Buildxact quoting software with a 14-day free trial or book a demo and see how it can give your business a more professional look that inspires confidence, saves you time, and wins more bids. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and if your proposals don’t impress you, then try Buildxact.

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