Cordless Blinds – Six Different Types

Cordless blinds give your room a sleek, modern look and come in all different styles, colors, materials, and textures. You can get these window treatments customized for your personalized requirements or pair them with draperies, curtains, and other window treatments.

Since cordless blinds are an affordable and durable way to decorate your room, you can find all the traditional horizontal and vertical blinds in cordless. Let’s see how many types of cordless blinds are available in the market. 

1. Venetian/Horizontal Cordless Blinds

These are your regular cordless blinds with horizontal slats, available in a variety of colors, textures, and materials. They are usually available in metal or plastic. You can also buy Venetian cordless blinds in wood, also known as wood blinds or bamboo blinds. 

2. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have vertical slats and usually come with a wand for opening and closing. Since they are vertical, they collect less dust, and moving them is easier too. They not only discourage flies and insects from entering the room but also insulate the room quite effectively.

They work best when paired with vertically sliding windows. You can choose from plastic, metal, wood, or faux wood vertical blinds. They come in embossed or flat plastic, and you can buy ones made with fabric too. S-curved slats is another popular variation. 

3. Cordless Mini-Blinds

A mini-blind is like a regular Venetian blind, but its slats are less than half the width of a typical horizontal blind. Subsequently, mini-blinds have long and narrow slats, often made of aluminum. Typically, these slats are 15 millimeters to 25 millimeters in width.

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Otherwise, these blinds are no different than regular Venetian blinds. They offer a slightly better seamless look for more privacy and a complete blockage of wind and light. 

4. Roman Cordless Blinds

Roman blinds are unlike typical cordless blinds because they are made from a single continuous piece of fabric. However, the fabric folds over itself and offers all the benefits and functionalities of regular cordless blinds.

When you open the blinds, the fabric becomes flat or gathers at pleats (like with hobbled fold roman shades) depending upon the style you choose. You can find them in all the different colors, accents, and textures to match your home decor and create a personality for your room.

5. Pleated Cellular Blinds

Pleated cellular blinds are also called honeycomb blinds because of their design. Cellular blinds are made from two light fabrics joined together. The honeycomb pattern is due to the air left between the layers for insulation.

Cellular blinds are stylish light filtering shades that protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It not only insulates your room but also lowers your energy bills by maintaining normal room temperature year-round. Moreover, it also dampens down the sound and light entering the room.

6. Roller Cordless Blinds

Roller blinds not only offer you privacy but also work as light filtering shades to block sun rays and minimize the light that enters the room. You can combine them with other window treatments such as curtains, valances, or pellets to decorate your windows and enhance your style.

You can find these window treatments in an array of fabrics from heavy sun blocking materials to sheer fabric or Japanese paper blinds, shoji. Shoji can give your room a soft glow. At the same time, other solar shades block UV rays from entering your place and also keep the room temperature cool and comfortable.  

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Given so many choices in style, texture, colors, and material, cordless blinds can work for any interior decor you prefer, from rustic to modern and every style in-between. Now you can easily choose cordless blinds to suit your interiors and match your style. 

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