8 different shutter types for your home

It boosts the way homes look and adds beauty to it. For people who seek to renovate their homes, adding the right shutters can give a complete look to your homes. Perfect blend of aesthetics and protection at the same time, shutters add a dash of style to a boring look. Keeping your home safe from intruders and weather extremes, shutters also act as an insulator to keep your homes at an optimum temperature.

#1 Exterior and interior shutters

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Shutters are usually added to the interior or exterior part of your homes. Exterior shutters are installed on the outside part of your home. They add aesthetics appeal to the architecture of your home and also protect your homes from weather extremes like storms and hurricanes. It keeps intruders at bay and acts as an energy efficiently insulator for your home. Interior shutters are installed in the interior part of your homes. It usually open to the sides and is available in many styles and types. Interior shutters can be considered as a key feature to protect the interior part of your house. There are variety of options when it comes to shutter styles. Based on the architectural style of your home, you need to choose the right shutter style that would complement the existing look. Some of the common options are as follows-

#2 Louvered shutters

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These shutters are considered to be a popular choice in American form of architecture. Fixed and operable louver shutters are two major types of shutters. Louvers are little slats which can open and close in operable shutters or remain at a fixed angle in fixed louver shutters. A popular choice for homes in temperate and warmer climates, the shutters can offer proper ventilation, and keep out cold, sun and rain.

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#3 Panel shutters

If you are looking for something traditional, then panel shutters are an ideal option. It is a time-tested classic that comes in various options which include- flat panel shutters, raised panel or recessed panel shutters. The solid panels give you a welcoming garden feeling that you would love to include for your home. The insulative properties of this shutter makes it a good option in cold climates in covering the windows. One of the most common choice of panel shutters is raised panel shutters. These gives an appropriate formal country-garden style. With the help of a dark paint, a dramatic contrast is given to the window frame.

#4 Board and Batten shutters

If you are looking for a country side design for your home, it is better to go for Board and Batten shutters. This primitive style of shutters gives a feeling that you would get when you see ranch style homes, cottages and farm houses. So, for homes that have a country side architecture, this type of shutters is a good idea. The simple design is made with a row of planks(boards) that are aligned lengthwise and connector planks(batten) that are at the top and bottom. For a traditional Cape Cod, traditional and European architectural style homes, this type of shutter is an ideal option.

#5 Bermuda shutters

Also known as Bahama shutters, Bermuda shutters are very unique that opens outward like an awning. Connected and hinged at the top of the window instead of the sides, the slats are featured like fixed louver shutters. This type of shutter is excellent to block light while they allow the breeze at the same time. The slat widths have varied widths and spacing. The slats may also come with or without a middle horizontal bar to divide the top and bottom. This type of shutters is very common in coastal homes, beach houses and tropical homes.

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#6 Plantation shutters

If you are looking for laid-back Southern look, you should always go for plantation shutters. These wooden shutters are known for their large slat size and their permanent fixture on the wall. Comprising of wood or faux wood louvers that are mounted in a solid frame, the louvers are manipulated at the back or in the middle of the shutters. These shutters allow a large amount of light and air flow in a room. When closed, they do an excellent job of blocking out light and also allows maximum privacy.

#7 Mission style shutters

For Craftsman style homes, mission style shutters are the best go-to-shutter styles. Geometric simplicity and clean lines are often associated with this kind of shutters. The physical and geometric design of these shutters add the right flair and dash of style to your homes. The design is generally achieved with the help of layered wood that is cut to appropriate shape and overlaid on another board of wood. For art and craft style homes, mission style shutters are a good option.

#8 Shaker style shutters

The shaker style shutters are basically interior flat panel shutters which are useful to block out light and bad weather. It is a traditional window shutter which goes with any style of house depending on the painted finish. For the perfect sense of order, neatness and utility, these shutters are a must have. For that perfect essence of simplicity, shaker style shutters go well with any style of house. These can also be termed as cut out style shutters.

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These are some of the most important options when it comes to shutter style and types. Materials of shutters also vary according to the design or type of shutter you choose. Some of the common options of shutter materials are wood, vinyl and composite. Though wood is an expensive vintage option to make your house look good, it is prone to damage due to weather extremes. Vinyl is a much better option in terms of durability and affordability. If you are seeking the best material that is perfect combination of style, affordability and durability, then composite is the only option that stands the test of time. You need to contact a reliable shutter manufacturer who would help you to get the right shutter based on the style of your home. The right shutters adds class and elegance and increase the value of your home to a considerable extent.

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