10 Incredible Kitchen Makeover Ideas You Can DIY

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Kitchen is that corner of the house where most of us spend a considerable portion of the day as the most important function of cooking is performed there. It is for this reason that there are many who spend thousands of bucks each year for kitchen renovations.

But let’s face it, for most of us it becomes a challenge to spend millions for kitchen renovations. But since it is such an important part of the home it is not possible to ignore that corner.

But not to worry! To help you with this problem here are some of inexpensive ways for renovating the hearth of your home on a budget. This is because it is amazing how even the smallest change can spice up the kitchen just the way you want.

  1. Update the Hardware – Hardware can change the look for anything just like in case of a piece of furniture and this is going to work for the cabinets, too. You can replace the cabinet pulls and the drawers for a unique look and this will immediately update your entire space.
  2. DIY Painting of Your Kitchen – Just with simple paint you can upgrade your kitchen. You can give the kitchen the ultimate makeover by painting it. You should use simple and friendly shades for your hearth – this is a secret to your kitchen painting. You also need to make sure that the colors that you choose create the perfect contrast or match perfectly with each other. The most preferred shades for your kitchen include white, brown, cream or black. Painting the kitchen will be more useful than opting for a wallpaper. While the lighter shades are a safer choice the interesting use of dark colors can help your kitchen’s ambience reach some other level.
  3. Illuminate Your Kitchen with Pendant Lights – You can add unique lights to the kitchen for an absolute revamp. You should place the lights just above anything in the kitchen like above the stove, island or sink. With the pendant LED lighting you can never go wrong.
  4. Make Use of Artwork – Artwork happens to be a great way to elevate any space and your kitchen is not an exception to that. You should not be afraid to go big and bold and that will give the illusion of a bigger space. Art also happens to provide a great option to the renters who don’t have the luxury to change all they want.
  5. Transformation of Kitchen Island – Simplistic transformations of the furniture in your kitchen can make the difference. For example, you can turn an old cabinet in to a useful kitchen island. This can be easily done by adding more surface to the cabinet top and by painting the cabinet with colors that will add a tinge of freshness to the island.
  6. Keep the Small Appliances Hidden – Nothing brings a space down more than clutter. Keep the counterspace clutter-free by hiding away the small appliances like blenders, toasters and coffee pots. It is easy to take them out whenever you want to us them.
  7. Go for a Shelf Table – This one is quite a creative idea. It involves using the bottom shelf as that of a table. If there is a wall in your kitchen that consists of shelves, then you can use this idea. You can place the decorations on the top shelves, kitchen utensils or spices. You can decide to broaden the bottom shelf so that it can serve as tables. You can make this causal by choosing stools instead of chairs.
  8. Spice Up Your Breakfast Nook – You can style up your kitchen space by freshening up your breakfast nook. For that add a centerpiece, pillows and fresh flowers so that your breakfast nook becomes your cozy nook.
  9. Say Yes to Window Treatments – Your windows are essential features of your kitchen. So, dress up the bare windows for instantly dressing up the kitchen.
  10. Countertop Makeover – Countertops are one of the most essential aspects of kitchens and that is why no kitchen refurbishment is possible without freshening up the cheap worktops. But when you are trying to save on your pocket a countertop re-installation is not the thing to go with. So, try just repainting it. Just get the paint of the shade that you want to accentuate your kitchen and repaint it. The results will be similar to getting a fresh countertop.
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The above are some of the DIY kitchen makeover ideas that you can try in order to upgrade the hearth of your home without making a dent in your pocket.

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