Infographic – Everything about relocatable homes-A Guide

Everything about relocatable homes-A Guide

Today in this fast busy modern life everyone is focused on making their life easy. With the advancement in technology life is becoming easier daily.

A relocatable home is basically a prefabricated home which is built in factory. It is deliberately designed to be moved from one place to another. These are designed to be placed in a residential park with other relocatable homes. If these are placed in parks, there is a need to sign a legal agreement to protect home and park owners’ interest. Residential parks are often marketed to people over 55 as an affordable housing option. Sometimes people do compare them with retirement villages, but there are some differences in between them.

The United Kingdom is producing these relocatable homes since 1600’s and supplying the home kits to US and Australia. The advantage of relocatable home is that they are coming in all shapes and can be easily modified according to your requirement. They are available in all range and sizes.

There are few things to consider before purchasing relocatable homes like are you allowed to make modifications in the relocatable home? Applicable rules in regards to the friends or guests who are willing to stay with you. Is pet allowed in your home? These are some basic questions which may arise in your mind while staying in these homes.

They are offering some good benefits. The biggest advantage is of  maintenance cost which is very less as compared to the traditional homes. Transparency is the other factor which is good to see. No on going taxes, no exit fees and no duty stamps are applicable. Most of the time you will find that a residential park offers crafts club or other clubs to match people up with others who have similar interests.

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The below infographic from Holiday Life is basically a guide which is highlighting all the aspects related to relocatable homes. Go ahead and read the below infographic and explore the facts yourself.


Everything about relocatable homes-A Guide

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