How to Clean a Chandelier Like a Pro?

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Whether crystal or glass, your chandeliers will only shine when they are clean. If it has been hanging for some years or less or more, in a dusty environment means they have been covered with dust particles and have lost their sparkle and reflection strength. This will take a lot of time to happen. You will in fact, rarely notice that something such has happened. It is a straightforward process to clean your chandeliers that you might ever think.

Here are some points that must be considered while you take up the chandelier cleaning task:

Right Time to clean the Chandelier

If we talk of the typical chandeliers, these must be cleaned once in a year; while the period may vary from chandelier to chandelier. The crystal chandeliers must be cleaned when their crystals appear dull and less reflective. The contemporary chandeliers need cleaning when their frame or glass appears dirty or dusty.

Planning is important

Planning chandelier cleaning is not a seconds’ task. You need proper planning to make sure that you don’t end up mishandling and damaging your chandelier. Many chandeliers have a complex hanging pattern for their crystals and glass than others. Before you go for a cleaning, understand the chandelier design so that cleaning doesn’t go wrong.

You can make a rough drawing of all parts to note where they go. For that, you can take a snapshot even. The other idea you can go for cleaning piece by piece. And if your chandelier is hanging too high, you ought to call a professional cleaning service that will do the job for you. However, most of the chandeliers can be cleaned by you.

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Chandelier Blog

Handy Supplies

The chandelier cleaning needs basic supplies that are easily available in the households. A step ladder and drop cloth or plus pads are all you need. The padding saves the crystal or glass prism from breaking. They will even help in protecting delicate tabletops and furniture. It is recommended to use lint free while gloves or soft cloths, especially while cleaning crystals that easily pick up fingerprints.

Turn off the Power

When working around an electrical fixture, you must follow the basic, common safety precautions. The first thing, you must be doing is turning off the power so as to avoid any mishappening. You can even use other techniques like putting tape on the switch so that nobody turns it on when you are cleaning it. Don’t forget to set up alternative lighting nearby because you don’t want to work in the dark.

Glass On and Glass Off

The ‘glass-on’ and ‘glass-off’ are two things when it is about cleaning the chandelier. Taking off the glass and crystals the complete cleaning process that lets you reach every nook and corner of the chandelier frame.

What to keep in Mind

There are some points that must be considered no matter which of the methods of chandelier cleaning you adopt. They are:

  1. Never rotate or twirl your crystal chandelier.
  2. Move your chandelier from one direction to the other when cleaning different sections.
  3. Make sure you don’t loosen the support that may cause it to fall.
  4. If you think reaching the chandelier is difficult, change out all the bulbs and then, you can do the cleaning.
  5. When you are done with cleaning, check if all the bulbs are working properly or not before you pack your ladders.
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The chandelier cleaning can be a lot more difficult than it may sound. If anyhow, you feel that you won’t be to do that on your own, you must hire a professional who is proficient in this field.

Author Bio-  Michel Jonson is an enthusiastic blogger and genuine chandeliers fan or adviser who advises what type of chandeliers to purchase for your specific property style or interior design. The blog explains why you must hire a professional for chandelier cleaning instead of doing that on your own.

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