Eight Pain-relieving Office Relocation Guide and We Bet Number 5 Will Surprise You.

Office moving is a daunting task, but at times, many organizations and offices require to relocate. If you want to move your office or are in charge of doing so, you can find yourself in pickles right after missing a few key elements to address for any office relocation. 

  1. What should you do First?

So, the manager signed an agreement with the new landlord. And set the day for the office to move to a new location.

  • The initial step is to inform the workers of the company about the upcoming move. What can do it by gathering all employees for an organizational meeting, going through departments, reporting everything orally, or sending a message by e-mail or a local “negotiator” (for example, Jabber)?
  • It’s a good idea to take an excursion to a new place before moving. It will help you rationally plan the placement of workplaces and furniture. And employees will be able to think in advance about which transport to get to work.
  • It is imperative to draw up a schedule for the move, in which all its stages are described in detail.
  • It is important to remember that changing the office’s location is an unavoidable inconvenience for the company itself and its employees and customers (partners). Therefore, for your move’s discomfort to be minimal, you should notify clients and partners of the new address and preferably send a map to the new office.

  1.  Make a Decision: Professional Movers or Independent Moving:

Before making your checklist, make the most crucial decision that will guide the entire process. Should you hire professional moving services, or should you move on your own? This decision will determine the course of the whole movie. It is essential to realistically calculate your time and effort, not exaggerating their amount and not underestimating the cost of fees. Try to look at things in a non-biased way, even if you have not had the experience of moving on your own or moving with a moving company. It is better to make informed decisions based on facts rather than acting in an already known way but inappropriate. For example, many are embarrassed to find out the cost of moving services, fearing a significant amount. But what if this fear makes you miss out on great deals?

  1. Checklist First Before you Start any Work:

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It is essential to have a clear understanding of the outcome and process of the move itself. To make the whole process easier, plan how you will handle all stages of the action: preparation, listing, packing, loading into the vehicle, etc. You may need a space for temporary storage with 24/7 access. Or your house has a lot of heavy furniture, and you need a loader. Will you be able to gather volunteers, and what will you do if their help is not enough or will not be available at all?

Make a checklist, estimate the timeline for completing tasks, and follow the schedule closely. This way, you can organize the time before moving, not waste a single day or be in a rush. Prioritize your move. They are not all equally important and urgent. Remember to share your plan with your family members. Let the plan change depending on the needs of your loved ones.

  1. Organize and Prioritize

Once you’ve created your checklist, start the first step of sorting and organizing things in your office. The several things you want to move, the more comfortable it will be to pack and move them. Usually, it is only at this stage that a realistic view of the checklist’s contents appears. More frequently than not, people underrate the value of what they have received.

Take an inventory of your office and decide on your items before the packing marathon begins. The good idea is to create an extended list of things. In it, you will indicate what is contained in each box. You will be able to track things throughout the entire move, accurately estimate the amount of packing material and the cost of the loader’s work.

  1. Start Packing

Sometimes the eyes run up, and it is not clear what to grab. Start with your most miniature wanted items and order packaging as early as possible when preparing to move. Items that are used often will become the most difficult to collect – think about what things will have to pack at the last moment due to their constant use. This list doesn’t have to belong. Packing an entire office isn’t a one-person job. Arrange help at any cost from friends or search on the internet “best packing service.”

  1.  Prepare for the Day of Transportation:

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There are usually many things that need your attention on the day of the move. Checking the checklist will help you calm down and lead the process with confidence. Do not leave many unpacked items on the last day of packing if you move on your own. Do not forget to check if there are any items left somewhere before heading to a new location. Plan and write down the labels on the boxes to quickly place them in the rooms where you plan to store the contents. It will help you when unpacking things. Take care in advance of renting a truck, the right size, with or without a chauffeur.

  1.  Unpack Things According to the System:

Before jumping in and randomly opening boxes, find out what you are unpacking. It is where the extended list of things comes in handy. Ideally, packages include packing items according to use or around the room, so be sure to label the boxes to navigate without opening them.

Start unpacking with the essentials, then move on to the general workers’ room, conference room, admin, and servers room.

  1. What should you Consider when Picking a Moving Company to Coordinate a “Carrier” Work Correctly?

The decision to attract a particular carrier company to your move depends on its capabilities and size. Many companies in new jersey offer a wide variety of services for complex office moving. It usually includes disassembly-assembly, packaging, removal and transportation of furniture to a new office, property insurance, provision of transport services with movers, furniture arrangement, garbage disposal. When choosing such a company, see who should pay special attention to its experience in this area. Be sure to look through the reviews of customers who used their services, ask about the availability of discounts, your trucks. As a rule, in cooperation with a reputable courier company, a company representative works with you (accompanying the moving process). The movers go to the call center, estimates the amount of work to be done (counts units of furniture, equipment, other material, and technical values). In the end, it presents a detailed invoice for the services provided. The advantage of working with a particular company is the mover takes care of all work on the move. Plus, all furniture and appliances will be insured in case of damage when moving. The sum insured is determined by the customer and entered into the contract. The carrier’s representative also offers the customer a choice of packaging materials: plastic film, adhesive tape, cardboard boxes, bags, cardboard. To save money, you can buy packaging material yourself. It is sold in hardware stores and is inexpensive. Suppose there are “native” boxes from office equipment, which is under warranty. In that case, this will simplify the work of the masters and also reduce costs.

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The main disadvantage is that comfort costs money. Therefore, carriers can charge you a relatively large bill. To somehow reduce it, monitor various companies’ pricing policies and not be afraid to negotiate a discount. Pay attention to the detailed list of services provided, as individual items’ costs may be unreasonably high. In this case, it is likewise ready to abandon them or involve other specialists.

You will need to complete:

  • assembly and arrangement of furniture;
  • placement and connection of office equipment;
  • the layout of folders with documents and other things in their usual and intended places.

When deciding how to move your office, keep in mind that a competent organization will allow you to complete the move within a few hours. If these events are scheduled for the weekend, then from Monday, the company will usually work. And by entrusting the issues of moving to professionals, you take off the burden of worries and get rid of unnecessary headaches.

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