7 Easy Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home

As clean and neat as we can be, dust is merely a part of our everyday lives at home. Dust bunnies in the corners of rooms or those unsightly layers of dust on furniture can ruin the aesthetic of any room. Plus, according to the American Lung Association, dust mites can be bad for your health and troublesome for anyone with indoor allergies. To help reduce dust in your home, try any of the following seven easy tricks for cleaning and reducing dust mites.

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  1. Remove Pet Hair and Other Debris — Just like any other habit you have, get into the habit of regularly cleaning your home. That includes removing pet hair and other debris you find in your home. That doesn’t mean vacuuming or dusting every day, but you should still clean regularly. One easy way to get started with removing pet hair is with a pet hair removal tool. The best kind of tool does it all. Not only will it help remove pet hair from your furniture and other fixtures at home, but it can also remove pet hair from your clothing, carpets, rugs, and more when you’re busy and on the go!
  2. Groom Pets Regularly — On that note, you should also be grooming your pets regularly with the best pet hair remover. There are plenty of reasons to groom your furry friend on a routine basis. You’re bonding with them, and they’ll love the feeling of snuggling with you as they curl up on your lap. You can brush through their coats, which feels like a nice massage for them. Little do they know that you’re actually helping their healthy hair growth while removing excess fur. Less fur on your four-legged friend means less fur and dust at home.
  3. Incorporate a Daily Cleaning Routine — Sometimes, we let our homes get to the point where they’re so dirty that we wonder, “Why even bother cleaning it all?” We’ve all been there at some point. The good news is that it’s better to start somewhere than nowhere at all. If you haven’t already, begin incorporating a daily cleaning routine into your regimen. That means deciding which chores to tackle each day, like doing the laundry on Fridays when you get home from work and vacuuming the living room on Saturday afternoons. For those of us who have so many things on our to-do list, we need the best tools to be as efficient as possible when cleaning. Get a multi-purpose tool that removes pet hair, lint, and other debris in your home, which leads to less overall dust. Use it on any non-knit surface, including carpets, rugs, furniture, and clothing.
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  1. Routinely Wash Bedding and Other Laundry — Consider how often you wash your sheets and pillowcases. You should be washing them on a weekly basis, which may seem surprising, especially if you tend to take a shower right before bed and you’re clean as soon as you go down for your evening snooze. Still, you’re shedding skin, hair, and other bodily fluids like sweat. Laundering your bedding and other laundry, like your dirty clothes, every week will help reduce dust mites in your home.
  2. Tidy Up Clutter — We all have piles of clutter somewhere in our homes. Maybe it’s in a desk drawer, a neglected corner, or shoved on top of a closet somewhere. These piles of clutter are just waiting for dust bunnies to gather. Address your most cluttered areas and discard or donate anything you don’t need.
  3. Vacuum Regularly — Sweeping is ideal if you’re going to gather large clumps of dirt, debris, food droppings, and solids that can easily go into a pan. However, if you’re just sweeping and not vacuuming, you need to start vacuuming regularly to help reduce dust in your home. Any heavy-traffic areas in your home should be vacuumed a few times a week — ideally two or three times — and less-frequented areas in your home should still be vacuumed every week.

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  1.  Consider an Air Purifier — If you haven’t considered an air purifier, consider getting a high-efficiency particulate air filter, also known as a HEPA filter. The HEPA filters help trap tiny particles like pet dander and dust mites, so you’re less likely to breathe in polluted air. You can also get a vacuum that has a specialty HEPA filter.
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If you feel frustrated by cleaning up dust at home that seems to just keep building up, don’t feel too bad. You’re not alone, and the key is to dust regularly as you do the rest of your cleaning chores. For example, you can get into the habit of dusting around the same time you also groom your pet with a dog hair remover brush. Do whatever you can to help motivate yourself to dust regularly. By incorporating any of these tips into your regular cleaning routine, you’ll dust the dust away in no time.

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