6 DIY Tips to Decor Home for Small Party

6 DIY Tips to Decor Home for Small Party

A fun party is something that everyone loves. It is a great reason for a plethora of people to come together and enjoy together while forgetting about the daily stressors of life.

It is a much-needed break from the relentless rat-race that converts into monotony from which we all strive to find respite. So if you are thinking of throwing a small house party here are some simple ways that can give your space a whole new look and make it party-ready.

Just take a look.

  • Create a Balloon Wall – This is a simple and fun décor idea for what may seem to be an intimidating task otherwise. For this you need a balloon pump, extension pole, column base, pole connections, fishing line, balloon clips and of course, balloons.  You first have to tie multiple inflated balloons around the clip. Try to opt for different sizes of balloons for creating depth. Then clip around the poles after laying out the balloon column bases. Then with the help of the fishing wire, fill the empty spaces with extra balloons and your balloon wall is ready. Anyone can create this, and it is perfect to set the party mood wherever you want.
  • Decorate with the Food – A simple buffet can be the only party décor that you need. Just decorate your dessert table and showcase. If you are tight on budget, forgo the expensive and fancy dishes and create your own dishes. You can create pedestal bowls by gluing the melamine bowls to the spray-painted candlesticks. This is a gorgeous yet simple décor that is bound to be appreciated.
  • Go for a Tassel Sparkling Garland – Tassel garland is something that is super-hot currently. Instead of spending heavily on the expensive decors that get worn out anyways you can choose this sparkly goddess. You can use this to dress the front portion of the buffet table or a wall. For this you need ribbon or cord, ½ sheets of 20” *24” or 20” *20” tissue paper or mylar paper (per tassel) and scissors.  You have to first fold a piece of paper in half and then fold another half in the other way. Then cut the strips for creating a fringe leaving about 1 inch uncut at the folded line.  Once you have cut all the strips. Just unfold the tissue and cut it into half so that you have 2 sheets with fringes to make a couple of tassels. After that, unfold the tissue paper. Start by rolling tightly down the middle of the crease. Then fold in half and twist for creating a loop or a hanging. You should repeat this several times for creating more tassels.
  • Create Ambience with Candles – The soft lighting of the candles often creates a fun and intimate party vibe.  This type of a décor actually hides the dust bunnies and also hides the lack of other decorations. You need to scatter the candles of a variety of sizes and heights around your space using more lighting around the food and table areas.
  • Create Duct Tape Paper Huts for the Extra Fun – Try out these easy party hats made from the duct tape and the construction paper and skip the ones brought from the store. For this you just need to cut a large piece of construction paper into a large circle. Then curve out a slit into the centre and fold that into the shape of a party hat.  Then simply add a few pops of colours with a duct tape.
  • Keep It Casual – You don’t need a dining table that facilitate the seating of 20 people when just the floor is enough. All you need is an occasional table and floor pillows for creating an intimate party atmosphere. This type of a party scheme is great for simple cocktails and finger foods and this will be highly appreciated by the guests, too.
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Apart from the above, you can also opt for chair hireif you need more seating spaces for your guests. This will help you arrange that without augmentation of clutter at your house or requiring a great invest.

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