5 Ways to make your home feel brighter

5 Ways to make your home feel brighter

No one likes walking into a dark house, especially if you live in a country where the sun visits for just a few months. According to Feng Shui, sunlight and brightness in the house are very important for good energy.  Can you change your dark home into a brighter and happier place without having to undergo very expensive renovations? Yes! With a little light here and a splash of colour there, you can make your home brighter in a matter of seconds. Here are 5 ways for you to brighten up your home to make it feel brighter, happier and more cheerful.

1. Something as small as a pop of colour can make a big difference

If you have ever noticed interior designs in magazine and modern architecture, you will notice that a pop of colour is very common. And sometimes, all it takes is that slight pop of colour to brighten up your home. If the aesthetic of your home is grey, brown, cream or white all you need to do is add a splash of colour. You could reupholster your couch to a teal blue or mint green or you could get really bright and graphic throw pillows for your old couch. Instead of a simple coffee table on the floor, place it on a coloured rug.  Upgrade your bed cover to shades of red and pink. A little colour here and there can really brighten up your whole home!

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2. Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a great way to create the look of more sunlight. By placing mirrors on different walls, you’re allowing the sunlight to bounce off the different surfaces. So even if you have just one set of windows in your living room, thanks to the mirrors you’ve hung on the wall it will seem like you have sunlight coming from everywhere! This is great for a home office design too because it will make any space look brighter and bigger. If you have a window on one side of the room, place a few mirrors on the opposite wall – this will give off more light than just one big mirror. Also, it will add to the decor of your home.  You just need to make sure that you hang these mirrors strategically to ensure the light can bounce off them.

3. Never underestimate the power of paint

Imagine how you feel when you walk into your home which has basic white, cream or beige walls – not very cheerful right? Instead of spending lots of money on hiring professional contractors, you can just go to any hardware store and buy a bucket of paint. After that, all you need is your imagination. As per Feng Shui, the colour orange promotes happiness and lifts the mood – so that would be a great option. You could buy some textured paint and paint one wall shades of orange, yellow and gold. If even one wall in your home is brighter, your whole home will feel brighter. If you don’t want to paint your walls, you can hang paintings or stick wall stickers to add a sense of colour and brightness.

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4. What’s brighter than bright lights?

The best way to brighten up a dull room, office or home is by adding lights. You don’t even need to make the effort to install new light fixtures – all you need are some lamps. You can place floor lamps and table lamps all around the room. If you want to brighten up the kitchen, you can stick fairy lights under the countertops to add a hint of light. If you aren’t very creative, you could look up some home and office design ideas online to tap into your interior designing side.  If you don’t want to make even that much of an effort, just change all your bulbs to higher voltage bulbs to make the room feel brighter.

5. Make the drapes lighter

Drapes are what prevent or allow the natural sunlight to come into the room. If you have dark and heavy drapes in your home, the odds of sunlight coming in automatically become really less. Instead, swap your dull and dark drapes for lighter drapes. That way, even if the curtains are drawn there will still be some sunlight shining through. Opt for pastel shades like sky blue, baby pink, light yellow or something simple like creamy peach net curtains. That way, you’re adding a splash of colour and ensuring that more light enters the room.

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