3 Summer Decor Ideas You’ll Want In Your Home

Summer Decor Ideas

Summer is nearly upon us. We often think of preparing ourselves for the sunshine by stocking up on sunscreen, pulling out our summer clothes and getting ready to head down to the beach.

However, we don’t pay much attention to adapting our homes to the season. Here we discuss three ways you can transform your home into a summer oasis that you’ll love so much, the beach will just have to wait.

Add a touch of foliage

Houseplants are one of the hottest summer decor trends. Not only do they have numerous health benefits, purifying air and reducing carbon dioxide, they create a tropical feel to your home.

Add them to bare corners of the home to fill the space with interest or display them as a centrepiece to your coffee table. Hanging plants in macramé hangers look fantastic dangling from shelves or mantle pieces.

You can create a complete summer look centred around your foliage by complementing the plants with textured rugs and geometric cushions, anything that makes the green leaves pop.

Some of our favourite no-fuss houseplants are the Monsterra deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant), a striking large leafed plant, the Epipremnum aureum (Devil’s Ivy) which has stunning heart shaped leaves, and the Dracaena Massangeana (Mass Cane) which has long green and yellow striped leaves.

To ensure your plants flourish, pay attention to the type of plant, the position and its access to sunlight. Installing blinds in your home will help control the amount of light the plants get, as well as keeping your home nice and cool!

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Create an outdoor party space

Move your living area to the outdoors by creating a fun outdoor party space. Make sure your outdoor furniture is large and comfortable, to encourage conversation and relaxation.

You can take your outdoor furniture to the next level by accenting with bright, colourful pillows and throws for when it’s a bit chillier. If you want to tie your outdoor decor to your inside, pick items in the same colour scheme/patterns as your interiors.

Position your furniture around a large outdoor coffee table. It’s also a good idea to have a few side tables. This is summer functionality at its best, setting up for all the BBQ’s you will be having.

To top off the space, position solar lights in the ground or string up some fairy lights. These ensure your outdoor party area is a warm and welcoming environment, even after the sun goes down.

Get crafty with macramé

Macramé decor creates an earthy, bohemian feel to your home, perfect for summer.

You can combine the foliage and macramé trend by creating a macramé plant hanger. They’re perfect for dressing up your windows, as an accent to your outdoor patio or to hold fresh herbs in the kitchen.  If you’re feeling up to the challenge you can weave your own by following a YouTube tutorial, or purchase one pre-made.

Macramé wall hangings can also be created at home with some time and attention to detail. This gives you the opportunity to personalise the hanging with your own embellishments. Transition your home from spring to summer by replacing a framed piece of art with a macramé hanging, adding softness and a relaxed summer style.

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