5 Currently Popular Bedroom Décor Trends

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If a kitchen is the center of your family activities and living room is the entertainment hub, the bedroom is the haven that reflects your personal taste and style. It is the place where you unwind after a long day’s work, introspect, spend leisure time, and sleep. In fact, the bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time after coming home!

Homeowners and designers across the globe are veering more and more towards the idea of transforming the bedroom into a personal retreat and recreation hub. Let’s take a look at a couple of bedroom décor trends that have been dominating the home décor & interior design scenarios for quite some time:

#1 Create a Cozy Retreat

Modern people don’t use their bedrooms just for snuggling into the bed and sleeping through the night. The current design trends have veered towards transforming it into a cozy sanctuary where you can spend some quality ‘me’ time.

You can apply the new concept by bringing some entertainment and luxurious items such as a large wall-mounted HD TV, a mini divan and soft pillows to create a cozy reading nook, or a mini bar so that it feels like holidays when spending your next weekend.

#2 Reclaimed Wood in the Ceiling

Wood in the Ceiling

by Erica Lea Design Studios

Day by day, more and more people have been becoming interested with modern ceiling designs. With the inclination towards using sustainable energy and recyclable materials, homeowners are also taking a liking to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Reclaimed wood is another addition to the growing arsenal of that eco-conscious way of life.

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You can use reclaimed wood anywhere in the bedroom such as an accent wall, a custom bed, or side tables, but a reclaimed wood ceiling will add a stunning textural beauty to the modern bedrooms. Would you like to read some luxury home renovation ideas before you renovate the house? Check out the ideas offered by Model Home Makeover.

#3 Scandinavian Style Inspirations

Scandinavian Style Inspirations

by Conard Romano Architects

The Nordic style has announced its strong presence in the recent bedroom décor trends. Almost everyone loves the style because of its simplicity and versatility to complement any types of decoration.

In fact, most modern home design schemes have adopted the Scandinavian-inspired themes. The Scandinavian style features warm wooden accents, neutral shade of colors such as gray, off-white, beige, etc., and interiors drenched in plenty of natural light. The style is clutter-free and promotes simplicity, making it easy to create a more organized bedroom. 

#4 Custom Headboards for Added Beauty

Custom Headboards for Added Beauty

by Bruce Palmer Interior Design

Headboards have always been a popular prop for accentuating the beauty of the bedrooms. Most people opt for ready-made headboards because the custom-made ones tend to be pricier. However, custom headboards don’t put a strain on your wallet anymore. In fact, they are now sometimes cheaper than their ready-made counterparts are.

Custom headboards give you the freedom of creating the style that you exactly want for your bedroom. They have the power to uplift the style quotient of your bedroom instantly by adding drama and visual interest. 

#5 Visual Textures with Wallpaper

Visual Textures with Wallpaper

by Ann Lowengart Interiors

Wallpaper had ruled the home décor scenario across the last few decades. It then quickly lost its appeal and homeowners used to treat it as an outcast. However, the old shining star has regained its lost appeal in 2015 and started making its presence in bedrooms, living rooms, and sometimes in kitchens and bathrooms too.

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Designers now use wallpapers in bedrooms for adding visual textures and sometimes for complementing or creating a contrast to the existing color palette. Wallpaper is also popular for creating accent walls.

Textures with Wallpaper blog

by Avante Interiors

There are so many variations of wallpapers that give you access to a world of electrifying patterns, riveting colors, and exclusive prints to decorate your bedroom. If you are still unsure, use it to for a small section and then move on to a full-blown accent wall.

You should incorporate both trendy and traditional pieces and design ideas into your bedroom to suit your personal style and the entire décor of the room. However, only adopt those trends that flatter your taste and fall within your comfort zone. After all, bedroom decoration is as much about comfort as it is about creating a stylish appearance.

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